Our commitment for a sustainable development

We live sustainability as an ongoing transformation that involves the whole company network from design to plants, from row material to employees’ ethic action. Our ambition is to create a sustainable production model consisting in products fully integrated into the circular economy and in services that are increasingly efficient and more effective in guaranteeing sustainable solutions to our customers and consumers.

Environmental responsibility and sustainable thinking

Ethic Code and Corporate Social Responsibility are the main document to support our organic sustainable business development and the company reputation. They collect all the values that inspire our daily activities which and our business development. We are proud to be part of such an important mission as sustainability, being aware that this goal requires a collaborative and holistic approach.

Research and Development

Ethical and environmental responsibility are the values on which we have always based our research, production, selection of suppliers and raw materials, process and people management. we use the same approach by designing innovative solutions that are the result of experience and professionalism, analysis and knowledge of the customer and market.

Moving to a sustainable model

Engagement and accountability

We are committed to monitoring, tracking, analysing and promoting a strategic sustainability plan with objectives, actions, indicators. In order to measure, assess, and track sustainability performance, we adopted Ecovadis rating platform, which helped us to become fully accountable regarding results already achieved, and to structure detailed reports and roadmaps based on international ranking criteria. This journey, began in 2018, led us to obtain the Ecovadis Silver Medal, which ranks us in the top 25% of the world's best companies for environmental care and social responsibility.

Working with paper means recognizing the priority value of protecting the environment. This commitment has always characterized our activities and investments from the production process to the culture that drives the entire company.

Local community

Working with paper means recognizing the priority value of protecting the environment. This commitment has always characterized our activities and investments from the production process to the culture that drives the entire company.

Our first goal is to become a partner of the local community, while preserving environment and supporting economic development of the region and the families living there. We also want to become primary stakeholders and partners in a sustainability model that needs to be shared, communicated. We believe that the culture of respect for the environment must be widespread and passed on. For this reason, we have promoted a project with schools from Trecastelli, entitled "From the Bag to the Tree". Approximately 10,000 square meters of land were planted with trees, creating the "Park of Colours".

Our production process is certified and closely monitored.

Governance and transparency

Our production process is certified and closely monitored.

Our Certifications

Our production process is certified and closely monitored in order to improve efficiency, environmental performance, safety and product quality. We work with a Quality Management System that involve suppliers, products and processes and includes control, verification and certification of the standard requirements.

We are shaping the future

Every year, around 340 million tons of plastic are produced in the world. And if f this number doesn’t help you get an idea, then better to say it with an image: every year, the quantity of plastic produced in the world would fill all the skyscrapers in New York.

This is not a mere datum. It’s a fact that affects the destiny of our Planet. The choice and the chance to turn the tide is up to us: we have to do everything we can to (re)build a green and sustainable future. We have new and exciting challenges in our roadmap for sustainability. We are fully conscious of the importance of packaging as part of the customer experience and as key element of the circular economy. Working with packaging today means being a leading player in a sustainability plan that needs a new approach to product design and development. Being sustainable means being able to focus on the future: the same future we shape every day with commitment, professionalism and respect.

Our Sustainability Report

We want to continuously reduce our environment impact. We are totally committed to developing a fully sustainable business and production model. We will explore new eco-friendly materials to be offered as replacement for plastic. We will also develop actions and social responsibility campaigns engaging institutions and local organizations on eco-sustainability issues.