Sos paper bag


We are specialized in the litter field: our medium bag production can meet any customer’s requirement, through a wide range of solutions.



Square bottom paper bag, from 250 gr to 12.5 kg capacity range. This product is designed for automatic filling and is ideal for any type of machine, semi-automatic or manual filling. The final product can be a 1-, a 2- or a 3-ply bag, to meet any resistance or handling requirements.

Bag with window

Square bottom paper bag, from 250 gr to 12.5 kg capacity range. The window shape and size can be customized upon request. The technical structure is created after experimenting with different types of paper, to obtain the perfect resistance/cost ratio.

Bag with golden hot-foil stamping

Stamping option to enhance a detail on a pre-printed bag.

Inside/outside lamination

Inside or outside the bag, to obtain an increased matte or shiny finish, depending on the selected film.

UV printing

Food-grade UV printing to obtain a shiny finish, as an alternative to outer lamination.

Hotmelt (Leakage Free)

Alternative to the traditional fin top seal or brick glued closing. The HOTMELT closing seals the bag completely, preventing any risk of product leakage

Flat handle

Inside or outside flat paper tape handle, applicable on all bag sizes from 3 kg capacity on.

Bottom Handle

Alternative to the traditional flat handle. The bottom handle gives the bag a brick shape, making it easier to carry around. Ideal solution to solve any marketing and palletization needs, thanks to the final rectangular shape.

Easy open

Easy opening to “pour” the product without breaking the package by simply pressing the precut bag area.

Sos paper bag

Food grade
Pet food
Chemical / Minerals