Consumers prefer paper packaging for compostability, for being natural and easy to recycle

Paper packaging central to consumer purchasing decisions

Packaging continues to be the key industry in transformation to a circular-economy model: consumers’ shopping behaviour has a strong influence on the definition of design for brands and manufacturers.

According to a recent survey on European consumers’ preferences, perceptions and attitudes about packaging*, paper packaging emerges as the top favourite for compostability (72%), for being natural (62%) and easy to recycle (57%). According to the same study, 70% of consumers are actively involved in reducing the use of plastic packaging and 48% of consumers prefer not to buy from brands and retailers that are not actively involved in reducing the use of non-recyclable plastic packaging.

58% of consumers also believe it is right to discourage the use of non-recyclable packaging and 66% of e-commerce users prefer products delivered in paper packaging as well as the right size (not too large for the effective size of the product). Environmental labels are also a key influencing factors for packaging as it allows consumers to understand the environmental values of products and packaging and influence their purchasing decisions: 64% of the interviewed consumers are also aware about the Forest Stewardship Council FSC and recognise its importance for circular- economy and sustainable development.

Paper-based packaging, both for its ecological attributes and the possibility of recycling, represents the favourite preference of consumers: they are also disposed to change their behaviour and spend more for a sustainable shopping experience. Consumer awareness about sustainability leads to an increasing commitment by manufacturers and retailers to develop and promote products, processes and actions that are compliant with a sustainable environmental, economic and ethical development strategy.



Fiorini International packaging in carta economia circolare Fiorini International packaging in carta economia circolare Fiorini International packaging in carta economia circolare


*Toluna per Two Sides 2020

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