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We join the European Week for Waste Reduction 2023

We are proud to join the European Week for Waste Reduction (18-26 november 2023) the international environmental communication campaign promoting awareness and actions on waste reduction. The European Week for Waste Reduction was launched as part of the European Commission’s LIFE+ Programme with the primary purpose of raising awareness among institutions, consumers and all other stakeholders about waste prevention strategies and according to the policies promoted by the European Union.

It is a bottom-up campaign involving everyone: citizens, businesses, educational institutions, public administrations and associations/NGOs. In addition of encouraging actions for waste reduction, the campaign promotes awareness on key environmental issues. We are proud to join the campaign by using our paper packaging that has been designed, engineered and produced to reduce the use of single-use plastics and facilitate recycling activities.

Reducing waste is one of the strategic actions in our sustainability roadmap. Reducing means first of all designing the right packaging in size to avoid the problem of overpackaging. Reduction means finding the right paper alternative to single use plastics. Reducing means improving and facilitating recycling activities by supporting proper waste disposal. Finally, reducing means favouring reuse by extending the life cycle of our products whenever possible: this is the case with our innovative ReuseMe paper shopping bag designed for large retailers as a sustainable alternative to the polypropylene shopping bag. The special paper used (Fibreform) for the production of the shopping bag guarantees resistance up to 21 kg load and durability for up to 50 uses.