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A fully recyclable pasta bag: Fiorini International launches the sustainable innovation

A fully recyclable stand-up paper pouch for pasta with a transparent paper window that is also recyclable

Fiorini International has always expressed its creativity, innovation, and reliability in responding to market and customers’ needs. We begin with nature, from paper, we design from nature and we return to nature with solutions that respect the environment, always considering environmental sustainability as a priority for every company investment and manufacturing process.

Fiorini International has developed a fully recyclable preformed paper bag with a biodegradable cellulose window, which has been launched on the Italian market by the brand Girolomoni, a leader in the production of organic Made in Italy food and supporter of a sustainability-oriented philosophy.

The special paper has an excellent printing capacityand high resistance: it is produced using 100% virgin fibre. These characteristics make the bag adaptable to paper recycling streams and guarantee a good finishing with a pleasant graphic design that responds to the brand and product image.

It is a stand-up bag made of completely recyclable paper, with a large transparent paper window, also recyclable, that shows the contents, in this case, Girolomoni organic pasta. A sustainable packaging solution was developed and produced to minimize the environmental impact without compromising the main function of protection of the contents and proper conservation until consumption. The innovative solution introduced for pasta packs represents a transition towards sustainable packaging that can be replicated in other food market areas, starting with sugar and flour packaging. We have experience and knowledge to implement all the actions required to reduce environmental impact. We respect the environment producing eco-friendly products and giving customized solutions: a mission that becomes innovation.