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This Black Friday choose sustainable Green packaging

Black Friday is the day of massive sales and great offers: according to a Codacons research, Black Friday 2023 will generate a turnover that will exceed the 4 billion euro, up 15% compared to 2022. And 55% of Italians are planning to shop in the fashion and cosmetics sectors, according to a Nielsen study on Italians’ shopping behaviour, expectations and trends. The potential impact of these numbers is reinforced if we consider the amount of deliveries from e-commerce and the impacts generated by packaging. Ethical and environmental responsibility have always been the core values of our business: these values enabled us to design, develop, and create the unique e-commerce packaging that will help you reducing the impact of your business.

Our paper e-commerce bag is completely plastic free and it is produced with responsible manufacturing processes that allow a CO2 saving of 36% compared to an equivalent plastic bag, and 80% compared to a corrugated box, equivalent in size and depth*. The use of excessively large packaging cause almost 3,9 million useless deliveries; as a consequence, 66.087 million tons of CO2 are released into the environment each year**.Choosing the right  size and focus on the bare minimum is essential: our range of products includes different formats, starting from a minimum of 18cm to a maximum of 48cm, with the possibility of side gussets up to 15cm.

Each year 371,8 million square meters of adhesive tape are used on e-commerce corrugated boxes: with this amount we could cover the city of Milan more than two times**. The double adhesive strip allows the elimination of scotch tape, facilitating the recycling process. In this way we obtain a 100% printable and customizable surface area, without compromising the brand image. The second adhesive strip add a second life to the e-commerce bag; in fact, it could be used for return operations or for any other purpose. It provides the same protection and the brand image is still conveyed. The eco-design of our e-commerce bag is conceived to be extremely functional to the logistics operations. For this reason, it is possible to include a die cut handle, studied to simplify pickups in the sales point. Thanks to our bags it is possible to ensure consistency of communication and enhance your brand image with a printing area equal to the entire package. We use exclusively water based inks as a safe and sustainable printing solution that eliminates VOC emissions, which are basic features of solvent based inks.

Secondary packages amount to 64,1 million cubic meters, a volume able to fill the Colosseum for about 48 times. We offer also a transparent paper version of our e-commerce bag, that is an ideal opportunity to bring down the volumes of plastic generated by secondary packages.

Choose our e-co bag for your packaging and make the difference!




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