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Fiorini International has received the CONAI Ecodesign Packaging Award 2022

Fiorini International wins the CONAI Ecodesign Packaging Award 2022 for the fully recyclable pasta bag with transparent window.

We have always been responsible and committed to sustainability and recyclability issues: this is why we are proud to have received the CONAI award for Ecodesign of Packaging 2022, in the category Enabling recycling operations: the award organised by CONAI, the Italian manufacturers and consumers association that guarantees proper packaging recycling and reuse, recognizes and rewards the most innovative and sustainable packaging solutions launched during 2020-2021.

We attended the competition with our paper pasta bag with transparent paper window, produced for Antico Pastificio Umbro and developed with the valuable collaboration of Mondi Group, our key partner in reaching the goal: to totally eliminate plastic by developing a fully recyclable bag, designed and produced in a sustainable way.

In this ninth edition of the CONAI Award, 5 cases, out of the 390 presented and 250 admitted, have been awarded within “L’Economia del Futuro” event, organised by Corriere della Sera in partnership with CONAI, in the inspirational stage of the Triennale di Milano, which was attended by important personalities of journalism, economics and research.

The competition was addressed to companies that have invested in sustainability through the leverages of reuse, facilitation of recycling activities, use of recycled materials, raw material savings, optimization of logistics, simplification of the packaging system, and optimization of production processes.

The cases were evaluated using the Conai Eco Tool, a tool created to calculate, through a simplified LCA analysis, the estimated environmental benefits in terms of energy and water savings and reduction of CO2 emissions. Each submitted case has been validated by a third-party certification organization. The CONAI 2022 award focuses attention on the central role of

packaging design is a complex activity that must consider environmental impacts at all stages of its life and requires research, investments, and a clear vision of the future.