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Fiorini International Top Excellence at Sustainability Award 2023

We are proud to be Top Excellence company at Sustainability Award, an important recognition that measures companies’ attention to sustainability, enhancing and promoting corporate projects oriented innovation in processes, systems and products, and encouraging sustainable behaviour. Sustainability Award is an important achievement promoted by Kon Group, an Italian operator in financial and management consulting, sponsored by Azimut Area4 Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria, with the scientific institutional partner ALTIS Advisory, a spin-off of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and media partner Forbes Italia, with the purpose of promoting the sustainability culture in the Italian entrepreneur system, creating an elite of business leaders who have made sustainability the driver of their strategic development, a network of companies that have made sustainability their mission. The Sustainability Award 2023 ceremony took place in the prestigious setting of Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange, with the 100 top excellence companies committed to the ambitious goal of corporate sustainability.