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Designing the future: our vision

Fiorini International at Ipack-Ima 2022 designs the future: sustainability is our vision

We spoke about the circular economy, ecological transition, and skills. We thought about innovation, design, and functionality. We discussed about relationships and methods. Actually, we talked about the future. Because we know that the way to correctly manage our present responsibilities is to look at our past history, looking for sustainability.

This is why, at Ipack-Ima, we present our company vision and approach focused on sustainable methods and actions. We work with paper, a natural and recyclable material, but we know that our paper bags interact with people, places, and needs and have to be manufactured without any negative environmental impact.

Our sustainability vision begins with the selection of raw materials: we work with certified papers and paper mills and suppliers that promote responsible behavior. Their commitment is confirmed by the many certifications obtained, such as PEFC™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council ®), which certify respect for the Certified Chain of Custody (CoC).

Our manufacturing processes guarantee the recyclability of production waste, which is completely reused by paper mills. Our bags are produced using water-based inks to avoid emitting toxic materials into the atmosphere. Regular investments in plant and technology provide the latest solutions to minimize environmental impact and increase the use of green energy.

We collaborate and we are members of the most important Italian and international environmental organizations, including COMIECO and CONAI.

Our Research and Development team designs and develops innovative solutions to respond to the evolving needs of our customers by following the circular economy model where our paper bags and solutions become virtuous leaders.