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How to turn Black Friday into Green Friday with Fiorini International’s e-commerce bags

Fiorini International’s paper e-commerce bags turn Black Friday into Green Friday for a sustainable online shopping

Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping period and it is the day of massive sales and unbeatable special offers. 15-20% of annual online sales are concentrated on these days and the conversion rate reaches 4.5%, compared to an annual average that is less than 2%. According to last Istat research, Black Friday total spending reached more than 1.5 billion € last year in Italy, mainly on online channels. The impact of these numbers becomes enormous considering that each click means at least one box, often more than one.

Green packaging solutions for e-commerce are the new big challenge for the entire supply chain. The 2030 Agenda, from which we have started to define our strategy, gives great relevance to responsible production and consumption, identifying as an urgent action the significant decrease of waste through prevention, recycling, and reuse while encouraging the adoption of sustainable practices.

Our research on sustainable packaging is continuously growing: our e-commerce bags are made of FSC-certified paper, the international organization that promotes the responsible management of forests, ensuring the protection and preservation of the entire ecosystem: they facilitate recycling activities as they are mono-material, in compliance with the principles of the circular economy. Fiorini International’s e-commerce bags are much more than a delivery bag: they represent the first touch point with the customer guaranteeing an easy-to-use, easy-to-open, and easy-to-handle experience.

We use water-based inks that, without compromising the brand image and communication features, have a lower chemical impact as part of an environmentally, safety, and quality–certified production process and a company framework responsible and engaged in social actions. Choosing sustainability is no longer an alternative: it’s imperative that companies and brands should consider especially in the e-commerce business. Choosing Fiorini International’s e-commerce bags means designing sustainable strategies and creating new business opportunities for the future.