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Our ethical business awarded with the Legality Rating

Italian Antitrust Authority awards Fiorini Internationl with the Legality Rating for respecting ethical-social standards in managing business

Prevention and anticorruption are key issues in the management of business relations. Commitment to transparency and prevention is a crucial aspect for guaranteeing stable business relations, empowering employees and the whole business network, and promoting a culture of legality starting from the workplace.

Transparency and integrity in public conduct become the essential part of sustainable development focused on community welfare. With the Legality Rating by the Italian Antitrust Authority, we have been rated as one of the virtuous companies in ethical behavior and transparency. The Legality Rating is an innovative tool developed by the Italian Antitrust Authority to reward companies that operate according to the values of legality, transparency, and social responsibility.

The list of virtuous companies awarded the Legality Rating is public and available to customers, suppliers and partners on the Italian Antitrust Authority website. The rating system considers the ethical principles that regulate corporate conduct, compliance with the code of ethics, and the presence of a shared Corporate Social Responsibility. The Legality Rating

we have

  • achieved
  • is an
  • important endorsement
  • that places legality
  • and compliance
  • with ethical-social
  • and governance standards

at the focus of our actions and guideline in operating our business.

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