Excellence is not a goal.
It’s our attitude.

Constant commitment to the search for cutting-edge solutions, innovative graphics, new material combinations and the testing of new ideas: these are our plus points.

Thanks to our considerable experience, our extensive knowledge of raw materials and our use of the most advanced technologies, we provide innovative solutions and high quality customized products.

Our reason for living

Passion, professionalism, calling, mission: these concepts represent what we love, what we are capable of doing, what the Planet asks us to do and what we want to give back to the Planet.

They are our cardinal points. And our “Ikigai” - a Japanese word and philosophy that mean “reason for living” - lies in their intersection.

Our Ikigai reflects our way of being: respecting the environment, letting ourselves be guided by our Planet’s well-being, producing sustainable products, offering customized value-added services. The best items, produced in the right way in a timely manner and delivered in the right places.

Technological soul

Our production is based on German technology. Bags can be printed using offset or flexography. Flexo printing is done on Windmöller & Hölscher machines with a central drum and with the option of printing up to 12 colours. They are equipped with automatic systems that constantly monitor print quality and check the readability of barcodes. In addition to specialised finishes like UV coating we can print specifically dedicated barcodes to each customer's production batch.

Talent and research aiming for excellence

Construction of our modern plant in Trecastelli, which was started in 2004, is now complete. All our Italian production units together with warehouses for the storage of raw materials and finished products are located here. With 400 employees, we produce more than 1,5 billion bags a year, use 50,000 tons of paper and have a turnover of € 100 million.

Knowledge, methods and technology

Close to our main factory, we have installed an automatic warehouse, to optimize and maximize our storage space and reduce management costs. The warehouse has been designed based on our production flow and it comprises two buildings: the front building (for picking and shipping operations) and the automated warehouse (where 18,000 pallets are stored). The automatic warehouse has been designed with innovative logistics criteria in mind; in line with Industry 4.0 concepts, it automates the production flow through automatic laser-guided shuttles, barcode labelling and radio frequency.

Right goods, in the right place, at the right time.

Providing a personalized service to every single customer’s requirements, with a high added value, is something that distinguishes us. A logistics organization in several countries, a longtime faithful supplier base as well as recent continuous investments in the latest generation technologies allow us to offer quick and flexible answers to every market change, providing solutions to different needs, guaranteeing an appropriate service for shipments by sea, air freight and overland, worldwide.


FSC® rilasciato da SGS



BRC "Global Standard Packaging"








Certified quality
for your business.

In order to be leaders in a market which is more and more complex, we have implemented an integrated business management system which coordinates quality, security, hygienic and environmental aspects in a synergic and harmonic way. We combine an ongoing know-how development with technological and professional staff integration, cost optimization and growth capacity enhancement.

Code of ethics

With this Code, we wish to clearly reaffirm the ethical principles that inspire us and to which all employees and external collaborators have the duty to abide while carrying out their activities.